Mind and Reality

--- lecturer: [email protected]

A course at the University of Warwick.

Week 01 Questions

Date given: Thursday 8th October 2020

This is the youtube page for Week 01 Questions. In case you prefer, I have also put a page with the videos on microsoft stream here. Or, if you prefer, you can see the slides with no audio or video here.

Recording of Whole-Class Live Question Session

The recording of the whole-class live online question session in Week 01. You can still ask questions in the channel for the meetings.

Reading (optional):

  • Campbell, J. (2002). Reference and Consciousness. Oxford: OUP
  • Perry, J. (1979). The problem of the essential indexical. Nous, 13(1):3–21.

Extra Questions

There were a lot of good questions that came too late to include in the live whole-class event. Here is a discussion of them for anyone who is interested.

Reading (optional):

  • Silins, Nicholas. ‘Seeing Through the `Veil of Perception’’. Mind 120, no. 478 (2011): 329–67.
  • Crane, T. (2001). Elements of Mind: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind. Oxford University Press, Oxford.